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Summer is just around the corner, which means the southern hemisphere’s swell season is near. Many surfers spend the summer months chasing swells in Latin America, Tahiti, Indonesia, and other far-flung southern hemisphere hot spots. During the summer, the North Shore is relatively calm. There’s still some surf, but nothing like during the winter. So, summer has become a popular surf trip season for many. Beyond giving us the opportunity to chase swells around the world, surf trips allow us to experience different cultures, foods, and people through the shared lens of surfing and a common love for the ocean. There’s nothing more exciting than stepping off the plane in a foreign land in search of good waves. Whether you’re planning a summer surf trip to score the waves of a lifetime in a tropical paradise or are traveling to Hawaii to learn to surf on Oahu, you’ll want to make sure you back these surf trip essentials backed by JOB Surf Experience.

Comfy Clothes for the Flight

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Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable for hours on end during an international flight. Whether you’re flying 5 hours from LA to Hawaii or 18 hours from LA to Singapore en route to Bali, you’re going to want to make sure you’re nice and cozy for the duration of the flight. Nothing beats a good pair of soft yet stylish sweats, like Farm Brands signature Joggers. Rock the latest JOB Stay Psyched Hoodie to ensure you’re flying in style.


Catch Surf Jamie O’Brien Series

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You can’t score on every surf trip. Sometimes you fly halfway around the world, and the swell just does not arrive. If you’re stuck in some tropical paradise with lackluster surf, you’ll still want to enjoy yourself in the water. So, pack a trusty Catch Surf Soft Top. Make the most of small waves with these high volume, easy-to-surf soft tops. If the waves pick up, you won’t need to switch boards if you’re riding one of JOB’s signature Catch Surf Odysea models that have all the volume of a foamie with added shortboard performance. 


Tropic Sport Reef Safe Sunscreen

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Perhaps the most important item on any surf trip packing list is sun protection. A bad sunburn won’t just ruin your trip. It will increase your risk of developing skin cancer later in life. Avoid the blistering pain of a bad burn and protect the environment at the same time with reef-safe sunscreen. Tropic Sport’s latest Reef Safe Mineral Sunscreen offers 4 hours of sun protection to keep you burn-free for your entire session.


A Trusty Changing Poncho / Beach Towel

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Forgetting your beach towel and shivering dry on the beach after hours in the water is a miserable experience. Make sure to pack a trusty beach towel or changing poncho that will help you dry off quickly after your session and change into dry clothes in no time.


Buell Wetsuits Rash Guard

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Stay out of the sun and be safe from unnecessary chaffing with a rash guard from Buell Wetsuits. Buell Wetsuits rash guards are made with 0.5mm of neoprene in the chest for superior rash protection and 6 oz. of Lycra for stretch and comfort.



GoPro Hero 10

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There’s no better way to capture videos and photos of your session than with a GoPro Hero 10. The Hero 10’s built hypersmooth shooting mode makes it the best action sports camera on the market. Shoot in 5.3K60 + 4K120 resolution on a waterproof setup that produces footage that finally does your session justice.  


DirtBag Supply Co Board bags

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Dirtbag Supply Co is new to the board bag game, but they make the most padded surfboard travel bag on the market. With 25mm high-density EVA foam protection around the rails, 20mm PE foam protection under the rocker, and 10mm PE foam protection on top of the deck, you can save the bubble wrap for packing fine china. This bag is literally bomb-proof and features a universal racking system that makes it easy to strap the boards down to any vehicle.


If you’re traveling to Hawaii to learn to surf, be sure to book your stay at the Turtle Bay Resort to be close to the action on the North Shore. For North Shore surf lessons, surf guiding, and other North Shore Activities, head to our website.


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