Private Adaptive Surf Experiences

Adaptive Surf Experiences at Hawaii’s Finest Surf School!

If you or your child has a disability, we can facilitate a world-class experience. As Hawaii’s premier surf school and ocean experience provider at Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore, we’re excited to introduce Private Adaptive Surf Experiences with Victoria Feige. We believe Surfing is for everybody!


The ocean experiences we’re so proud to offer are available for everyone – regardless of physical limitations.


Learn to surf with 5x Para Surfing World Champion, Physiotherapist, and adaptive surf instructor Victoria Feige and JOB’s world-class surf instructors at a gentle, uncrowded surf break. Adaptive Surf Experiences offers private lessons with two instructors per student at the Turtle Bay location.


Turtle Bay Resort at the JOB Surf Experience is accessible and step-free. Access trax are available as needed and amphibious beach wheelchairs on request (see our gallery below). Equipment rentals like boards, booties, rash guard tops, towels, and photos are included with the good times. And to keep the good times rolling, we require adaptive surfers with sensory impairment to wear their own surf leggings or yoga pants to protect against abrasion or tropical sun 


Please email with your interest and the adaptive surfer’s information (name, age, disability, prior swim/surf experience, and general physical activity level) to set up a fun, safe, unforgettable Hawaiian surf adventure.



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About Victoria!

Victoria grew up in Vancouver, Canada, snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. She fell in love with surfing from her first wave and dreamed of surf adventures. When she was 18 years old she overshot a snowboard kicker, landed badly, and sustained a spinal cord injury. With partial paralysis from the waist down, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to surf again. Victoria returned to snow, skating, and surfing years later and became North America’s first clinical physiotherapist who also uses a wheelchair.


Victoria has 10 years experience as a physiotherapist, and 10 years experience as an adaptive ski instructor teaching from a sit-ski before channeling her energy into surfing. As adaptive surfing moves towards the Paralympics, Victoria focused on Oahu’s North Shore to reach her surfing potential. Leading the women’s para surf progression, Victoria has won 5x ISA Para Surfing World Titles, 2x Adaptive ASP World Titles, and holds a World Record.



But for Victoria, helping other people with disabilities experience surfing and feel free in the water holds as just as much meaning as winning a contest. She understands the unique challenges of surfing with a disability present from her clinical training, expertise, and life story. She loves problem-solving and helping new adaptive surfers have a fun, safe, world-class experience because she truly believes Surfing is for Everybody. 


“I want to help other people with a disability enjoy the ocean like I do and I’m proud to offer premier adaptive surf lessons with the world-class team at JOB Surf Experiences. I’m so excited to take you surfing.


I fell in love with surfing after catching my first wave in Canada, but getting out there again after becoming a wheelchair user was challenging. In the warm, tropical waves here in Hawaii, it’s easy and I feel free, happy, and energized surfing – I want to help other people with disabilities feel that too. Surfing is for everybody 🙂


As a co-founder of the world’s first commercial adaptive surf experiences with a para surfing champion, I’m so excited to offer specialized lessons. I became a physiotherapist, adaptive ski instructor, and now adaptive surf instructor because I wanted to pay it forward. When you see a person surfing independently after a serious accident and teaching other people with a disability to surf, it just hits different. 


After sustaining my spinal cord injury, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to really surf again. When I saw para surfing with my own eyes, it changed my perspective about what I thought possible for adaptive surfing and what I thought possible for myself. I want to help others experience the thrill and beauty of surfing in Hawaii.


Turtle Bay is a perfect location for your adaptive surf experience with instructors with expert knowledge, accessible facilities, specialized equipment, and gentle, uncrowded, tropical surf breaks with spectacular beauty. 


I truly believe more people with injuries or illnesses would surf if they knew it was possible for them. And here at the JOB Surf Experiences, we can show you how :)”

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