Jamie O’Brien

Your search for the next perfect wave

Growing up here on the North Shore, surfing has always been a huge part of my life, and I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy it as both a career and lifestyle for the past 25 years. Surfing is all about creativity, and while there is no right or wrong way to ride a wave, my approach to the sport has always been about having as much fun as possible on the best waves I can find. I created this Surf School down the street from my home here on the North Shore to teach my unique style of surfing to the world and share with you the feeling that only comes from riding a wave. Every experience we offer has been personally designed by me in order to ensure that you enjoy the most authentic and fun experience possible. We use premium, high performance equipment that I personally ride and have tested in the biggest and most dangerous waves in the world. I honestly believe that there is no better place to experience the sport of surfing, and whether you’re a first timer or an experienced surfer I guarantee that we’ll exceed your expectations here at Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience at Turtle Bay.