The JOB Surf Experience Ultimate Winter Surf Travel Guide

winter surf trips
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While most US surfers pack their bags for surf trips during the summer, getting out of the cold and into your boardshorts/ bikini in the middle of winter is hard to beat. At JOB Surf Experience, we know a little something about winter surf travel. Our North Shore Surf School is located in Turtle Bay, just a stone’s throw from the best waves on the planet along the Seven Mile Miracle. Winter is the swell season for the Northern Hemisphere, and there are plenty of waves around if you know where to look. If you’re itching for a winter surf trip, continue below for The JOB Surf Experience Ultimate Winter Surf Travel Guide


The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

Best time to surf on Oahu

The North Shore of Oahu is the world’s premier winter surf destination. From late October into early spring, massive north swells transform the Seven Mile Miracle into a mecca for the processional surfing world. While the waves on the North Shore are not to be taken lightly, it’s not all Pipeline, Backdoor, and Sunset. If you’re an experienced surfer who’s comfortable in large surf, respects locals, understands surf etiquette, and wants to ride the best waves on the planet, a trip to the North Shore will be the surf trip of a lifetime. If you’re less experienced, check out the beginner and intermediate-friendly waves in Turtle by at our North Shore Surf School.


Bocas Del Toro, Panama

winter surf travel
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Panama and all of Central America’s Pacific Coast are surf travel hotspots during the summer when south swells are abundant. During the winter, the Caribbean side of Central America lights up with north swells from Canadian winter storms that travel south through the Atlantic to the tropical blue waters of the Caribbean Islands. Bocas del Tora is an archipelago on Panama’s Caribbean coast with dozens of world-class reef passes. Staying in Bocas is a guaranteed good time. Days are spent on water taxis chasing waves, while the nights are spent island hopping in search of the best party.


Northern Peru

winter surf travel
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The waves in Northern Peru are well worth the trip during the winter. Peru is the land of endless lefts. You’ll fly into Lima, where you’ll find a handful of fun waves in the city, but the serious surf requires another plane ride north. Base your trip in Mancora and rent a car so you’ll have access to consistent left-hand point breaks in Mancora, Lobitos, and Zoritos. Keep an eye on the swell charts during your stay. If you see a long period NW swell, book a flight to Chicamas, where you’ll surf one of the longest waves on the planet.



Winter surf trips
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A trip across the Atlantic to Northern Africa may seem like a tall order, but if you’re a regular footer, Morocco is paradise. The desert nation is home to some of the best right-hand point breaks on the planet. Take your pick from long, cruisy rides to endless right-hand barrels. Book your stay in Tagazoot and find a local guide to show you everything the region has to offer.  Beyond the world-class waves, Morocco’s unique blend of North African, Arab, and French cultures combined with the stunning desert landscape and delicious food make the country a must-visit surf travel destination for any adventurous surfer.


Rincon, Puerto Rico

Winter surf travel
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Another jewel in the Caribbean is Rincon, Puerto Rico. This ex-pat haven surf town sits on the Northwest corner of the island and is exposed to large north swells as they trickle down the East Coast of the US. Puerto Rico is an easy and affordable strike mission destination for mainland surfers. Since Puerto Rico is a US territory, you don’t even need to bring your passport.


If you’re planning a winter surf trip to Oahu, book your stay at Turtle Bay Resort to stay close to the action on the North Shore. If you’re an experienced surfer looking to make the most of your Hawaii Surf Trip, book the North Shore Surf Experience to be guided by the best on the island.

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