The Best Longboard Waves in Hawaii and Beyond

longboard waves

Not all waves are created equal. Some waves are great for getting barreled. Some waves are perfect for carving turns, while others provide long, effortless rides. Depending on what style of surf craft you prefer to ride, your wave preference may be totally different than another surfer. If you’re at the forefront of surf progression and want to push your limits in the water, you’ll likely paddle out at one of the North Shore’s premier waves along the Seven Mile Miracle, like Pipeline or Sunset. If you spend most of your water time cruising around on alternative crafts, you may be better suited for longer waves that offer a blank canvas for turns. If you’re a longboarder, your perfect wave tapers slowly and allows you to set your rail and walk the length of your board on a seemingly endless ride. A high-performance shortboard is just as out of place at a classic longboard wave as a 9-and-a-half-foot log would be at a maxed-out Pipeline. So, if you’re searching for the perfect loggable wave, continue reading below for The Best Longboard Waves in Hawaii and Beyond. 


Best Longboard Waves #1- Turtle Bay- Oahu, Hawaii

longboard waves

Of course, we had to start our list of the world’s best longboard waves with our home break, Turtle Bay. Not only is Turtle Bay our home surf break, but it’s also one of the island’s best longboard waves. Waves peel perfectly off the rocky point across the calm waters of Turtle Bay, making them ideal for both beginner surfers and experienced loggers. Turtle Bay may be considered mellow by North Shore standards, but with enough swell, the wave at Turtle Bay turns into a proper righthand point and an ideal canvas for creative surfing.


Best Longboard Waves #2- Waikiki- Oahu, Hawaii

longboard waves
Image Credit: Surfer’s Journal

Waikiki, home of the Waikiki Beachboys, is the original longboarding wave and the birthplace of modern, recreational surfing. The wave at Waikiki Beach peels endlessly, reforms, and then peels some more. During the winter, when the North Shore is firing, the South Shore has small, beginner-friendly waves. During the summers, the South Shore turns on, and Waikiki and the surrounding waves in town pump. While wave rarely breaks without a crowd, surfing Waikiki puts you in the heart of surfing history.


Best Longboard Waves #3- First Point Malibu- Los Angeles, California

longboard waves
Image Credit: Awe365

Waikiki is to Hawaii what Malibu is to California. Perhaps, the most iconic wave on the planet, First Point Malibu is home to a special slice of surf history. First Point Malibu is where Mikey Dora and his crew refined their classic style that would come to define a generation. When it’s on, First Point tapers perfectly for hundreds of yards without a drop of water out of place. As is the case with most historic surf breaks, you’re unlikely to catch this wave without a crowd. Instead of being bitter about the hordes of fellow surfers in the water, embrace the chaos and share a party wave with your friends.


Best Longboard Waves #4- Noosa- Queensland, Australia

Longboard Waves
Image Credit: Quipmo

Noosa in Queensland, Australia, is one of the more idyllic surf towns on the planet. Just up the coast from the bustling town of Brisbane and the functional chaos of the Gold Coast, Noosa is a mecca for travelers seeking a slice of coastal paradise on Australia’s East Coast. Home to five picture-perfect right-hand point breaks, Noosa is a regular footers dreamland.


Best Longboard Waves #5- Canggu- Bali, Indonesia

Longboard waves
Image Credit: Lush Palm

The Island of the Gods is home to almost too many good waves to count. The Bukit Peninsula on the southern point of the island is teeming with world-class reef passes that break with almost unbelievable consistency. The ferocious waves of the Bukit Peninsula aren’t the only attractions for surfers on the island, there’s also Canggu. The once sleepy village on the east side of the island is now a traveler’s hub with waves for every level of surfer. Canggu is slightly more south-facing than Kuta and the other eastern breaks, so it’s usually bigger and more consistent.


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