Our Favorite Hawaii Surf Shops

Surf shops are the cornerstone of surf culture. The surf shop is where you buy your first board, talk story with older, more experienced surfers, learn about your home break, and find the inspiration to travel. As the birthplace of surfing and the center of the professional surfing world, Hawaii has some of the best surf shops on the planet. Whether you’re looking for a new board for your next surf session on the North Shore, a fresh pair of boardies, or travel gear for your next surf adventure, these shops have you covered. Stock up on all your surfing essentials before your next North Shore Surf lesson at Turtle Bay Resort. Continue reading below for Our Favorite Hawaii Surf Shops.


Our Favorite Hawaii Surf Shops – Turtle Bay Surf House


Our favorite Hawaii surf shop also happens to be the closes one to our North Shore Surf School, the Turtle Bay Surf House. Located within the Turtle Bay Resort, the Turtle Bay Surf House has everything you need to prepare to paddle out at our home break. The Turtle Bay Surf House has a wide selection of boards and brands homegrown from Hawaii and imported from the mainland and abroad. Bring your own SD card and rent a top-of-the-line GoPro for your next surf session.


Surf and Sea

Surf and Sea surf shop is one of Oahu’s premier destinations for surf gear and one of the premier Hawaii surf shops. Surf and Sea has been serving Oahu’s local surf community and travelers since 1965. Once named as Surfing Magazine’s “North Shore Best,” Surf and Sea has everything you’ll need for an epic Hawaii surf trip. Beyond surfing, Surf and Sea also specializes in scuba diving, bodyboarding, and snorkeling, offering tours, lessons, sales, and rentals.


Town & Country


Perhaps one of the most storied Hawaii Surf Shops on the island and best shapers on Oahu, Town & Country has been serving the Oahu community of surfers since 1971. Craig Sugihara founded the Town & Country Surf Shop in 1971 in Pearl City, Hawaii, with a start-up capital of $3,000. Craig’s passion for surfing and understanding of board design led him to work at Greg Noll Surfboards before he opened his own shop. The name Town & Country reflects the shop’s original location between the two epicenters of surf on Oahu – Town and Country but is now synonymous with high-performance surfing in Hawaii. With boards, apparel, and beach accessories T&C has everything you need for the ultimate Hawaii vacation.


Island Snow

Island Snow, founded in 1979 by James Kodama in Kailua, Oahu to spread the “Aloha spirit” and create a fun gathering place for friends and family is one of our favorite Hawaii surf shops. Island Snow offers a unique combination of authentic Hawaiian shave ice, surf goods, and locally made premium clothing that reflects the cultural diversity and aloha spirit of the Hawaiian Islands. There’s nothing more Hawaiian than a surf shop that serves shaved ice. Head to Island Snow for a refreshing treat and to stock up on surf supplies.


Book a flight to Oahu, stock up on surf supplies at our favorite Hawaii Surf shops, and book your stay at Turtle Bay Resort. Turtle Bay Resort is home to our North Shore Surf School, where we offer the best surf lessons and guiding on the island, along with Stand up Paddle Tours, Sup Yoga, Sea Turtle Safaris, and more.

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