Where to Surf in Oahu: And Why it’s the Perfect Destination for Beginner Surfers

Learn Where to Surf in Oahu for an Epic Time


So, you’ve decided to learn to surf? Epic choice, my friend! Now, the next big decision: where to start your surfing journey? Let me spill the tea—Oahu is the perfect destination for beginner surfers. No joke! If you’re wondering why, how, or where to surf in Oahu, then sit back and join us as we explore the magical world of surfing.

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Waves for Days When You Surf on Oahu


First things first, the waves. When wondering where to surf in Oahu, know that this island is blessed with a variety of surf spots that are perfect for beginners. I’m talking gentle, rolling waves that are just the right size for learning (depending on many factors, of course). Spots around the island are famous for their beginner-friendly waves. And guess what? The water is warm all year round. Win-win!


Oahu Surf Schools Galore


Oahu is home to a bunch of surf schools that cater specifically to beginners, like Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience. That means expert instructors, beginner-friendly boards, and all the gear you need to get started. And the vibe? Super chill and supportive. You’ll be catching waves and making new surf buddies in no time.


Enjoy the Stunning Scenery while Surfing Oahu


When considering where to surf in Oahu, your backdrop may play a part in the decision. Picture this: you’re riding your first wave with a backdrop of lush mountains, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and crystal-clear water. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, that’s Oahu for ya! It’s not just a surf paradise; it’s a natural paradise too. The North Shore in particular is world-famous for the surf culture, its beauty, and the surf vibe. 


Plenty of Things to Do after Surfing


Surfing is awesome, but let’s face it, you might want to take a break and explore the island a bit. Good news! Oahu has plenty to offer. From hiking and snorkeling to exploring the local food scene and soaking up the culture, there’s no shortage of things to do when you’re not in the surf.


The Bottom Line of Surfing in Oahu


So if you’re wondering where to surf in Oahu, feel validated that this island is the perfect destination for beginner surfers, and here’s why: beginner-friendly waves, plenty of surf schools, a supportive and friendly community, stunning scenery, lots of things to do, and much much more! What more could you ask for?

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Schedule a Surf Lesson at Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience


As you get excited about your Oahu adventure, remember that the best way to truly explore and experience all the island has to offer is by consulting the experts. This is true of surfing, just like with everything else! Surfing is one of the most fun things you will ever do (in our humble opinion) and it’s even MORE fun when you are with experienced experts who can help coach you into your first wave, guide you through the etiquette, and support your ocean adventure. So why wait? Contact Jamie O’Brien Surf Experience to hop on your first wave!

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