The JOB Surf Experience Guide to the Best Surfing Podcasts

Jamie O'Brien Surfing Podcast

We live in an information age where learning has never been easier. If you want to find out the elevation of Oahu’s tallest mountain, you’re just a quick search and a click away. If you want to learn the complexities of backside barrel riding, you can download the JOB Surf App and watch an in-depth video tutorial on the beach before you paddle out. Fortunately for surfers everywhere, there’s tons of quality surf content out there, from daily surf vlogs highlighting life on the North Shore to long-form podcasting diving into life on tour, surf history, and the complexities of shaping. If you’re looking to brush up on your surf knowledge or want some easy listening for a long drive up the coast, continue reading below for The JOB Sur Experience Guide to the Best Surfing Podcasts


A Surfing Podcast to Dive into the World of Pro Surfing- WSL’s the Lineup

The Lineup podcast for surfers


The Line Up, hosted by Dave Prodan, is a WSL-affiliated surfing podcast covering all things surfing. Dave Prodan is an articulate host who probes guests with thought-provoking questions about surfing, travel, life, and much more. While the focus is generally pro surfing, conversations are far-reaching and often touch on broader topics that give listeners a deeper sense of who each guest is as a person. Our very own Jamie O’Brien can be heard on Episode 126, digging deep into his personal history and alternative career path.


To Explore Surf History & Talk Story – The Surfer’s Journal Presents Soundings

Soundings podcast for surfers


The Surfer’s Journal isn’t your average surf magazine. It’s more of a highly curated literary journal that covers the surfing lifestyle with broad yet artistic strokes. So, it’s only natural that Soundings, presented by Surfer’s Journal, isn’t your average surfing podcast. Soundings offers listeners a chance to dive deep into surf history and culture with surf legend guests and thoughtful conversations.


To Learn from Top Shapers- Surf Splendor

Surf Splendor


Surf Splendor brand’s itself as a general surfing podcast, but it frequently hosts the top shapers in the world as guests, giving the podcast a more surf craft focus. On Surf Splendor, listeners can learn about the latest models to hit the racks in surf shops and what cutting-edge concepts shapers are cooking up, from new materials to experimental shapes.


To Follow the WSL Tour- Stab’s The Drop Podcast

Stab the Drop Podcast for surfers


The Drop Podcast by Stab Magazine is part of the surfing media giant’s slate of offerings alongside their premium subscription. The Drop is just one of several surfing podcasts put on by the publication and focuses solely on World Tour Surfing. The Drop drops weekly during the WSL season and analyzes the latest happenings in professional surfing. The Stab surfing podcast offers listeners a compelling yet lighthearted and fun analysis of the World Tour. Because the podcast is not affiliated with the WSL, the team at Stab pulls no punches when discussing the ever-changing tour and its often half-baked policies.


To Keep Up to Date on All Things North Shore- the Nate & Koa Podcast

Nate & Koa Podcast for surfers


The Nate and Koa Podcast is one of the newer surfing podcasts out there, and at this point, it’s only available on YouTube. Hosted by surf vlog icons and North Shore titans Nathan Florence and Koa Rothman, the Nate & Koa Podcast offers the latest news and trends from the North Shore of Oahu served to listeners in a carefree, joke-filled fashion. The duo has an undeniable chemistry that was first sound boarded on Bert Kreisher’s Bertcast and has since evolved into an independent program.


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