The Best Beginner Waves on the Planet

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Surf trips aren’t just for pros and experienced surfers. New surfers can use surf trips to progress rapidly, experience new cultures, and meet fellow travelers along the way. For every menacing world-class wave you’ve seen gracing the pages of a magazine, or on your Instagram feed, there’s a mellow, beginner-friendly wave somewhere nearby. Beginner waves are typically sheltered in coves or bays that break up larger swells and transform them into friendly, soft rolling waves that are perfect for new surfers. A surf trip may be the best thing you can do to progress as a surfer. If you’ve got the travel bug and are itching to take a surf trip, continue reading below for The Best Beginner Waves on the Planet. 



Turtle Bay- North Shore Oahu, Hawaii


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Our favorite beginner wave just happens to be our home break—Turtle Bay. Our home break is a sheltered wave that breaks gently over the reef at Turtle Bay, offering long rides on gentle peeling waves. Turtle Bay may be close to the Seven Mile Miracle and deadly waves like Pipeline, Backdoor, and Sunset, but it’s the perfect place to learn, thanks to the sheltered cove that breaks up larger surf. Staying at Turtle Bay Resort gives you access to our North Shore Surf School and our expert surf instructors, who will get you up and riding in no time.


Playa Venao, Panama

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If you’re feeling adventurous, head down to Panama to check out the country’s surf on both coasts. On the Pacific side, Playa Venao is the country’s premier surf destination, thanks to its south-facing shore, it receives consistent surf year-round. The wave at Playa Venao breaks into a crescent-shaped cove with sheltered corners. So, no matter how fierce the wave in the middle of the cove is, the sheltered corners remain user-friendly, making Playa Venao the ultimate surf destination in Central America for beginner waves.   


Taghazout, Morocco

Beginner Waves
Image Credit: The Free Surfer


Morocco is known for its legendary right-hand slabs and endless peeling point breaks. During the winter, Morocco’s desert coastline transforms into a world-class surf destination as powerful north swells hit the jagged Moroccan coast and spin into point-break perfection. During the summer, Morocco’s beach breaks produce small, beginner-friendly waves that are ideal for learning. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind travel experience with a bit of surfing, head to Taghazout, Morocco, to get your fill of beginner waves in the desert.



Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica


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Image Credit: Lush Palm

Costa Rica is home to legendary waves like Witch’s Rock, Ollie’s Point, and Pavones. The waves in Costa Rica have graced the cover of magazines and been featured in legendary surf films, like Endless Summer II. Despite the heavy presence of world-class waves, the country is teeming with beginner-friendly surf spots, like Playa Tamarindo. Playa Tamarindo offers travelers perfect beginner waves in the middle of town. More advanced surfers can surf the river mouth, Casitas, and Playa Grande.


Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Beginner waves


The Island of the Gods is a mecca for surf travelers. The left-hand points and reef passes on the Bukit Peninsula are some of the best in the world. North of the Bukit Peninsula on the island’s west coast, Canggu offers a mix of waves for every level of surfer, including longboarders and beginners.


Biarritz, France


beginner waves
Image Credit: Sea Lifts


Traveling in France has its perks, like good food, great wine, and fun waves. Biarritz, in the Basque region, has more than enough of all three. Biarritz embodies French surf culture wholeheartedly while also being a Basque culture hub and world-renowned travel destination. There are two main surf breaks in town, La Cote des Basques and Grande Plage. Both breaks have plenty of peaks suitable for all levels of surfers.


If you’re planning a surf trip to Hawaii, book your stay at Turtle Bay Resort to stay close to the action on the North Shore and along the Seven Mile Miracle. Book your surf lessons and surf guiding through our Oahu Surf School to get the most out of your time in the water in Hawaii.

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