Our North Shore Surf School’s Ultimate Surfer Gift Guide


surfer gift guide

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to get your loved ones. While the rest of the world is pulling their hair out this holiday season trying to come up with the ultimate gift, surfers and surfer’s loved ones have it easy. Surfers don’t’ want the latest streetwear or the crypto world’s trendiest cat NFT, they just want to surf. So, give the surfer in your life more ways to ride waves, and he or she will be happy. At our North Shore surf school, we recognize that there’s an infinite amount of ways to ride a wave. We prioritize having fun above all else. So, our surfer gift guide is jam-packed with gifts that offer a fresh approach to wave riding, can help you document your surfs, and make surfing easier and more comfortable. Continue reading below for Our North Shore Surf School’s Ultimate Surfer Gift Guide.


GoPro Hero 10

surfer gift guide
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The GoPro Hero 10 is the action sports giant’s most advanced camera yet and the top item of our surfer gift guide. You cannot go wrong with a GoPro for water shots. You don’t have to bag the Wave of the Winter or a cavernous barrel at Pipe to get a great shot on this camera. Beyond surfing, this camera will be the ultimate travel companion. From still photos and time-lapses to the best follow-cam capabilities on the market, this camera does it all. The GoPro Hero 10 is waterproof up to 33 ft and has built-in Hyper Smooth stabilizing technology.


Buell Wetsuits

surfer gift guide


Whether you’re shopping for a wetsuit jacket for chilly mornings on the North Shore or a 4/3 mm full suit for frigid winter days back home, Buell Wetsuits has you covered. Buell Wetsuits boasts a full range of men’s and women’s wetsuits for every temperature you’ll encounter. See why pros are turning to Buell in droves for all their neoprene needs. If you’re shopping in the Buell Store, stop by on January 20th for Grom Night with Jamie O’Brien!


The Catch Surf Jamie O’Brien Collection

surfer gift guide

Riding waves is all about having as much fun in the water as possible. Nothing makes wave riding quite as fun as catching as many waves as you can. The Jamie O’Brien Catch Surf collection is designed just for that purpose. The Jamie O’Brien Catch Surf collection will go where you never thought a soft board could go, with an added element of high performance from these board’s modern outlines.


The Stay Psyched Changing Poncho

surfer gift guide

If you’ve ever struggled to change into and out of a wetsuit in a cold parking lot, you know the value of a good changing poncho. Changing ponchos allow you to remain dry, warm, and most importantly, modestly covered up while you change before and after your surf. The Stay Psyched Surf Towel Changing Poncho adds bold designs and bright colors to this everyday functional surf item.


Blender’s Sunglasses

surfer gift guide

Rounding off our Ultimate Surfer Gift Guide is a pair of stylish shades from blenders. Blender’s eyewear features a full line of men’s and women’s stylish sunglasses that are perfect for protecting your eyes between surfs. Find the perfect surf trip pair for an affordable price for the surfer in your life. In addition to sunglasses, Blender’s also offers a full range of snowboard/ ski goggles.


If you’re still scratching your head wondering what to get the ocean lover in your life after reading our Ultimate Surfer Gift Guide, why not gift a North Shore Surf Lesson or a night at the North Shore’s Turtle Bay Resort. To book the best experience you can have in the water on Oahu, click here.


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