5 Benefits of SUP Yoga

sup yoga

JOB Surf Experience, located in Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu, offers more than just North Shore surf lessons and surf guiding. In addition to our surf lessons, we also offer Stand Up Paddle Tours, Stand Up Yoga, Turtle Safaris, and so much more. Whether you’re an avid yogi or a new practitioner, you’ll fall in love with Sup Yoga on the North Shore. We offer two Stand-Up Yoga classes, Morning Stand Up Paddle Yoga and Flow and Glow After Dark. To learn about the health benefits of Sup Yoga, continue reading below.


Sup Yoga improves balance for surfing


Yoga and surfing are often paired together because the two activities are so mutually beneficial. Yoga helps surfers improve their balance and flexibility while increasing their strength where it matters for paddling and surfing. SUP yoga has an exponential effect on the benefits of yoga for surfing. Instead of balancing on a yoga mat, you’re on the water balancing on a stand-up paddle board. Because stand-up paddle boards are a relatively unstable surface, you’ll have to work twice as hard to keep your balance. Your body will quickly adapt and develop a renewed ability to balance on unstable surfaces, which will improve your surfing.


Sup Yoga increases core strength

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The unstable surface of the stand-up paddle board forces you to engage your core at all times, even between poses. While traditional yoga does wonders for your core strength and stability, stand-up paddle yoga will take your core strength to new heights.


Sup Yoga activates more muscles

sup yoga
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Simple poses present new challenges when you practice SUP yoga. Everyone, including yoga masters, is forced to work harder to achieve the same level of proficiency in movement while on top of a stand-up paddleboard. Even isolated poses that traditionally target a single muscle group become total body exercises while practicing Sup Yoga. Practicing yoga on an unstable service uniquely engages your central nervous system. It also further strengthens your stabilizer muscles and helps improve your overall yoga abilities while on land. Additionally, Sup Yoga highlights any muscular imbalances you have and forces you to work on them.



Sup Yoga improves technique

Sup Yoga
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If your yoga skills need refinement, consider taking up SUP Yoga. When you’re flowing through your different poses on top of a SUP, you’ll quickly notice imperfections in your technique, as they are harder to mask on an unstable surface. Your instructor will be able to spot your weakness and work with you to improve them so you can take your newfound skills back to the mat.


Sup Yoga connects you with nature

Sup Yoga


Perhaps above all else, Sup Yoga connects you with nature. In a world where most of us spend 90% of our waking hours seated behind a desk, we need all the excuses we can find to get outside. Rather than practicing indoors, SUP yoga gets you outside and on the water to connect you with the ocean and your surroundings like never before.


As we mentioned above, JOB Surf Experience offers two Sup yoga classes, our traditional Stand-up Paddle Yoga class, and our Flow & Glow SUP Yoga After Dark Class. Our traditional class is perfect for all levels of experience, whether you’re new to yoga, paddle boarding, or both. In our Flow & Glow Stand-up Yoga After Dark Class, students flow under the stars and experience the magic of the ocean at night. If you’re planning a trip to Oahu, book your stay at the Turtle Bay Resort to stay close to the action on the North Shore of Oahu. For all your surf lesson and Ocean activity needs, head to our website.

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