2021 Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing Recap

Vans triple crown of surfing As we mentioned in Our Oahu Surf School’s Guide to Winter on the North Shore, this year’s Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing was once again held digitally. In the past, the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing was awarded to the surfer who performed the best across the CT events at Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipeline. This year, like last, the event was held digitally, meaning that male and female contestants had the winter to compile and enter clips from the three previously mentioned waves. The contestants recently attended an award Ceromancy on Oahu, where the winners were announced.


History of the Triple Crown of Surfing

Van's Triple Crown

The Triple Crown of Surfing has been part of the North Shore winter contest circuit since 1983. Former World Champion (1968) Fred Hemmings and Randy Rarick founded the Triple Crown in 1988. After operating for ten years, the Series came under Vans’ ownership in 1998. The Triple Crown combines the collective results of Haleiwa, Sunset, and Pipeline, with the Pipe Masters usually determining the results. In 1997, a women’s division was added, and Layne Beachley won the first women’s Triple Crown. The women’s division ran from 1997 until 2010 when the women’s Hawaii CT contest was moved to Maui. In 2020, the women’s division returned. Former Triple Crown winners include Kelly Slater, Sunny Garcia, and Andy Irons. Last year, John John Florence and Carissa Moore took home trophies.


Top Performers of the Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing

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This year, competition on the men’s and women’s side of the Triple Crown was fierce. Standouts on the men’s side included Crosby Colapinto, Barron Mamiya, and Billy Kemper. Billy Kemper had the highest scored single wave of the event with a 29.5 at Pipeline. On the Women’s side, Brisa Hennessy, Zoë Mcdougall, and Moana Jones Wong were clear standouts. Moana’s double barrel Pipe submission lit up the surfing airways when it was submitted.


2022 Winners

vans triple crown of surfing

While the competition was close, there were two clear winners whose overall performance across all three waves could not be denied. On the men’s side, John John Florence took home a repeat victory. With a total of 162 points, he was head and shoulders ahead of his competition. On the women’s side, Carissa Moore also put on a repeat performance. Carissa scored 142.7 points across the three waves. Carissa dominated her competitors, logging the highest score at each of the three waves.


Looking ahead on the North Shore


The winter is far from over, and the North Shore is ripe with swell. For the first time, the women’s division of the WSL is competing at Pipe, and they have more than held their own so far. Carissa Moore Looks like a clear favorite to take home the trophy. The men are underway, and we’ve seen standout performances from John John, Kelly Slater, and many more. If you’re on the North Shore and are feeling inspired by the action at Pipeline, book a North Shore Surf Experience to get a one-of-a-kind surf tour of the Seven Mile Miracle. If you’re planning your trip to Oahu, make sure to book your stay at Turtle Bay Resort to be close to the action on the North Shore. Stay tuned to the JOB Surf Experience blog for all things North Shore, surf tips, and more.



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